Medical Waste Disposal

With over twenty years in the cleaning, hygiene and environmental services, Dynamic Enviro Clean is committed to the safe and correct disposal of hazardous waste. With our years of medical waste disposal experience, we are committed to safely removing all types of hazardous medical waste.

The disposal of medical waste is a service that is of vital importance to many industries. Medical waste is any form of product or sterile material that has come into contact with unhygienic surfaces or fluids. Medical waste can range from swaps used to clean wounds, to human waste, needles and blades. All these medical waste products need proper disposal.

We are registered with all the relevant medical waste disposal agencies and organisations, and we are committed to safely removing all types of medical waste. We collect and dispose of medical waste from clinics, hospitals, surgeries, dentists, tattoo parlours and laboratories. We will collect and supply the required medical waste containers, and will then transport the medical waste to registered government approved incinerators for disposal. All our medical waste is stored in SABS approved containers with clearly marked labels and locking lids to ensure that no accidental waste containers are disposed with ordinary waste.

Our commitment to the environment, and dedicated service to our clients ensures that we are able to reduce unwanted waste in landfills, and that the environment will remain safe for generations to come. No matter what your medical waste disposal needs might be, give our dedicated team a call, and we will gladly assist you to safely dispose of it.